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The following buttons will lead you on to a number of topics designed to help you understand more about mechanisms, basic engineering principles as well as designing and making your own automata and mechanical toys.
Craft Education have two books entitled:
'How to Design and Make Automata' and
'How to Design and Make Simple Automata'
as well as aCD-ROM for more information click on the links below.


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desin and make simple automata
design and make automata
If you want to know more  about designing and making wooden automata and mechanical toys then the CD-ROM How to Design & Make Automata, Mechanisms & Mechanical Toys will prove invaluable.
PDF Download or Book
How to Design &
Make Simple Automata
PDF Book
How to Design &
Make Automata


PLEASE NOTE: the link for the download my go to your e-mail "junk" folder

You can now download the CD-ROM as a complete file for only £17.50 and is available Worldwide. It also includes a full site license for Educational establishments.
Please note you will need to download the file from Internet Explorer and NOT Firefox
the file is 655Mb and will take some time to download depending on your internet connection speed and may take about 20 minuets approximately.

CD-ROM Download for only £17.50

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